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Sorry Naim. Agree to disagree. I know you are an SC apologist, so I don’t expect you to come around.

If SC can shoot it from deep as well as you say, then he should let if fly. If he makes them, I guarantee you that he stays in the game. If he misses, then Reed is right to take him out. I don’t care how he shoots in warm-ups. Irrelevant. If he can shoot so well from NBA range, then he should let them fly. If he still shoots a high % then we can bash Reed to the end of time for taking him out. Reed watched SC shoot every single day in practice. In every interview where SC is mentioned, Reed makes a comment about what a great weapon he is. I’m not sure what you want. SC played 23 minutes, shot two 3’s and made one. If he can back up and therefore get more shots up, he should do it.