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I totally agree with your assessment of Burrell’s finish. The ironic thing is, that sounds exactly like what MM has done in most of our wins and the nail-biter losses. I’d argue that we need a second option.
TK’s arsenal of moves in the post is really nice. However, he does seem to get stuck when the chips are down, often. And I think that’s a problem with the offensive scheme. His side of the floor gets completely cleared in those situations, leaving him with no easy kick-out on his side. We need to figure out some motion and cuts when he gets doubled down deep. Somebody should be open, in a good position. But if that guy is in the far corner, it doesn’t do us any good. We should be getting some easy buckets from cutters, and trips to the free-throw line.
I’m hopeful that an off-season to work on some new twists to the offense, and more time playing together, will make a big difference. We’re really in new territory for LU offense, I think. I can’t remember a time when our first option was the big man down deep, and creating from there. And I believe that will be our world for the next few years.