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Those that know me were probably wondering how long it would take for me to chime in on my favorite Mountain Hawk, Corey Schaefer. Not long!

CS is without a doubt the headiest player on the team and the finest pure shooter on the team, as well –an observation supported by not only his stats (see below) but by the comments of two former players from last year’s squad. Corey, if “on” will look for his shoot and if “not feeling it” will pass it up to find the open man. There may have been no better example than his work in the last game against Holy Cross when he dished out four beautiful assists. Don’t you wish others in his position would do the same? In AP’s last game, he missed badly on 2 of his first three attempts (all in the first 2 ½ minutes of playing time), but proceeded to chuck it up another 7 times to hit just once. Or, how about Mackey’s 1 for 11 vs. HC, his 1 for 8 vs. LC, or his 1 for 6 vs Loyola. He didn’t look comfortable but it didn’t deter him. Hey, it’s just my opinion.

CS .451
SC .410
MM .407
AP .386
DC .375
MS .365