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I think the most frustrating part of this season is we still are asking the same questions that we asked 30 games ago. No answers, and pretty much a wasted season. We go into next season with again about 3 known quantities.

1) MM will be gone
2) We know TK is a top level player
3) We know CS is a nice rotational guard at 2 positions
4) We know SC is a 3 point specialist

5) Can AP really play? Unknown
6) Can SW really play? Unknown
7) Can MS really play? Unknown
8) Can DC really play? Unknown
9) Can GP or CR contribute? Unknown
10) Can JG elevate his game to become a solid frontcourt PL player? Unknown
11) Can JC be a consistent starter in PL? Unknown

I blame the players, and I blame the coach. At this point in a season, you have to know what you have on the roster. You have to have a set rotation. You have to have players who know their role on the team. We have none of that. Perhaps, we have overrated our talent (quite possible). The young excuse is running out for me.