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Wow stabler has some bold statements, I would love to know where your clarity on some of these issues come from. First we have never seen JRG play a minute at Lehigh so how do we know he is tough? Second, pretty bold to say DC never contributes based solely on limited time this year after major injury. Third JG we could argue as been just as effective as TK in terms of production based on touches and minutes but we are willing to say TK is high level and JG just an energy guy. Fourth AP if, if, if, if, if, this is getting old why does he merit the ifs and not DC or other. Fifth I agree on MS and SW tough to evaluate at this point. Lastly, GP and CR never contribute meaningful in games, what is this based on? Both freshman walk-ons that have competed everyday in practice and continuing to develop, bold comment with 3 yrs to grow. I think you are selling some players short awfully quick.