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First we have never seen JRG play a minute at Lehigh so how do we know he is tough?

I said, “I think” and you can call it a hunch. We’ve seen his highlight tape and we know he is a good athlete, and it does not appear he shies away from contact. We’ll see next year.

Second, pretty bold to say DC never contributes based solely on limited time this year after major injury.

I didn’t say never contributes. I said I don’t think he will ever be a MAJOR contributor, and I stand by that. When 100% healthy as a frosh, he was close to the last man on the depth chart. In his return this year he has showed heart and hustle, but what appeared to me to be a broken outside shot and lack of explosiveness.

Third JG we could argue as been just as effective as TK in terms of production based on touches and minutes but we are willing to say TK is high level and JG just an energy guy.

JG has really grown on me this year, and as I said I expect some 20/10 games from him in the future. For me, it is his lack of consistency. He has serious trouble staying out of foul trouble, and it drastically effects his production. I don’t think you can lean to heavily on a guy like that. Would LOVE for him to prove me wrong.

Fourth AP if, if, if, if, if, this is getting old why does he merit the ifs and not DC or other.

Yes, it’s an opinion. Partly based on pedigree, partly based on production, and partly based on what I (personally) see when I watch games. What has Devon done to make us think he will be a major contributor? AP has had some awful games. He’s also had some good ones.

Lastly, GP and CR never contribute meaningful in games, what is this based on?

Mostly because Reed has never played any walk-on serious minutes with the exception of BJ Bailey, who was a scholarship transfer. GP and CR have not gotten an opportunity this year, and next year there are 3 more incoming freshman perimeter players. By virtue of being on scholarship (it’s the system, not saying it’s fair) my guess is that they will get a shot before GP and CR. I’m not knocking them as individuals, but history certainly indicates that they likely will not get major minutes during their career.