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QUOTE: Also, I think that the athleticism of this current team is either 1) exaggerated somewhat or 2) not translating into production. If I remember correctly, basically all of the team previews talked about the great athleticism, getting out in transition, dunks and alley-oops. In reality, that has not happened. Gabe and Holden themselves last year combined for way more dunks than the whole of this team. . . . Lastly, the toughness term has been thrown around a lot, and could not be more accurate. This team just does not have nearly enough of it, and I think pafan is spot on.

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One thing that puzzled me about last year’s team (with Knutson, Holden, Goldsborough, and Baltimore) and also this year’s team (Kempton, Chuku, Goldsborough, and all the athletes) is the poor rebounding. Just looking at the players, I’d expect much better numbers. In PL games this year, they rank 8th (out of 10) in both offensive and defensive rebounding. Last year they ranked 7th (out of 8) on the defensive boards and 5th offensively.

They are being outrebounded this year by teams like Colgate and Army. I’d expect better in this category. Is it toughness, inexperience, something else?