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A few items i wanna jump in on here. First, the AD situation – here’s the quote from the LU Atletics site:

What are your postgraduate plans?
AD: I deferred my forensic advisory job offer at PricewaterhouseCoopers because I plan on utilizing my fifth year of eligibility for basketball. I am unsure as to where I will end up next year, mainly because I have not put my name out there just yet. After next year, I will start my career out at PwC in New York City, which is the largest accounting firm in the world.

I’m struggling with this. If he wants to come back and play next year, are we really not accommodating him? I guess I understand the scholarship problem – but when did he express interest in returning? Could something not have been worked out? I dunno – but I feel like we should have. And could he not return non-schollie? Maybe that’s not an option on his side, and if so I guess that’s just how it is. But what are his options? He can’t play D1 anywhere else next year, right? The 2 semester rule we’ve heard about here?

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1. As a graduate, he can go to any number of graduate schools and play immediately as long as LU signs off on it, which I am sure they would.

2. Yes he could return and pay his own way, but I doubt he wants to do that. To return, he would have to show an academic reason and get approved by LU’s President and the PL, but that would be fairly automatic.

3. If LU has already committed to the max number of scholarships for next year, then it is a problem. The only normal options would be: (a) rescind the scholarship of a current player or “convince” one to transfer; or (b) wait and hope someone transfers.

4. One remote possibility is something that I know happened at least once on the women’s side in similar circumstances. A team petitioned the NCAA to allow them to give out an extra scholarship for a year, with the quid pro quo being that the following year they had to have one scholarship below the limit. I doubt Reed would want to do that however.

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