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Looking back over the years, I think after 8-10 games, you know if you have something special. If you look at the last great trio GK/HG/CM, we knew 10 games in they were special.

’90, I think you raise a lot of really good points, many of which I fully agree with. I do however think you need to remember the differences in the situations that the CJ class and this class came into. CJ and Co joined a team with two All-PL players including the preseason PL POY (Marquis Hall) that also had Michael Ojo and a few other solid PL upperclassmen.

I think a more apt comparison would be the following year when CJ, Gabe, and Holden as sophomores led a team that finished 16-15 and 6-8 in the league. You could still tell those three (especially Gabe and CJ) would be great, but the results were not really there. I’m not trying to say these freshman will be as successful as that class, just that no two situations are the same. I remain pretty high on the talent level in these freshman, and think they will compete for PL championships as juniors and seniors. I think next year we are in for another year hovering around .500 overall and in the league.