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On the rebounding issue, I think it is partly recruiting, partly philosophy, and mostly effort/toughness. None of the guys on the current roster save for Baltimore were known as big time rebounders coming in as recruits. In Baltimore’s case, his rebounding has been good but the other parts of his game/life (offense, foul trouble, academics) have kept him off the court. I don’t think Reed is a coach that values rebounding highly based on his recruiting, and how he gives out minutes. He really likes his teams to get out in transition on offense, so usually the wings sprint the floor and don’t help a ton on the glass. CJ was an exception to this as he was a great instinctive rebounder and could turn those D boards into 1 man fast breaks. MM also does a decent job on the glass. Tim is never going to be an elite rebounder because he isn’t explosive enough to rebound outside of his zone. Justin and Jesse, I don’t know. Those are the guys that should be dominating the boards but there just doesn’t seem to be consistency of effort on their part.

On JRG, my hope is that he is Donald Brown (Bucknell) 2.0. Also, while his high school competition was weak he did get an offer from Murray State in the middle of one of their excellent periods as a top mid major, his athleticism is undeniable, and he left Lipscomb because he thought Lehigh would be a better situation for himself as a player.