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AP- A lot of people on this board like him. I’m not really sure why. What does he do well … shoot the ball from distance. Fine, that skill is a dime a dozen in college. Can he really handle the ball? No. Can he put it on the floor and get to the rim? No. Is he a lockdown perimeter defender? No. Is he an energy guy who plays really hard at both ends? No. Is he an above average rebounder from the guard position? No. I have no idea why he plays so much. It has been discussed that he came from a top high school program and that is fine, but I don’t think it means much. I guess the argument there is he is a heady player because he got solid HS coaching, but he makes a ton of poor decisions and it has cost them a couple of games this year. He is what he is, which is a stand still perimeter shooter, not much different than SC, and probably not as good a shooter. I don’t see him projecting to a top level PL player. He plays passive and soft.

He’s a FRESHMAN who has improved in many of these areas during the course of the season, especially on that “putting it on the floor and getting it to the rim” aspect.

I don’t even know the kid but I feel you’re giving him an awfully bad rap for not being Mr. Everything out of the chute. I feel he’s made young-player type mistakes (no different than TK) and I see a lot of upside.

By all means let’s talk next year if he hasn’t progressed, but again, I see upside where you don’t seem to see any.

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