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So much to get caught up on.

Although I think your assessment is spot on for most of the players, I’m not sure I agree that one can assess one’s play after 10 games or even a full season. It was certainly evident with CJ and GK but HG averaged 3.1 points, 1.8 rebounds and had 7 assists for the season in his freshman year. He grew into his role.
I attended about 9-10 games this season and my impression has not wavered since Day 1. The best rebounder on the team this season was MM. He didn’t average the most boards but he had the best technique and for a guy barely 6-0 averaged about 4/game. Prior to this season, CJ was by far our best rebounder over the last 3 seasons. He knew where the ball was coming down, went there, left his feet and caught it at its highest point. He was only 6-3. The technique from our frontcourt is awful.With some exception, most rebounds occur because the ball comes to them. We absolutely, positively need a big man coach,preferably one who has been there, done that and will go to war with them in practice. No one on our staff IMO is suited for that role. They should spend entire practices with a lid on the basket, battling for every loose ball. Anticipation, technique (boxing out), establishing position and most of all attitude are key.
We lack consistency in all those areas. IMO, TK has the desire but lacks the tools. Someone needs to work on his vertical and his hands. There are drills for both. At 6-10, he should be jumping center. JC has all the tools but not a consistent desire.Again IMO,I may consider switching positions with TK. JC’s best game was when TK got in early foul trouble and JC was forced to play inside. He needs to have his role established and that is to terrorize in the paint. JG has the tools and the desire but needs to play smarter and with more consistency. JRG may (or may not) be a wild card. One does not have to be overly tall to rebound the basketball. CJ and MM are examples. If he has the proper mindset and the coaches utilize him correctly, he certainly has the hops to be a game changer. Only time will tell.