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One last point in this long discussion on AP. Offensively, he is entering uncharted territory. I’ve said it many times before, even in HS, he only averaged aboyt 3 attempts/game from inside the 3. Discount the fast breaks and we are closer to 2 attempts/game. I give him credit for trying to expand his game but frankly he’s not there yet. He is only a freshman though. He has never been a big rebounder nor assist maker in HS either. We should have known all this going in. My bigger problem is defense. I had assumed that he was an in your face defender. Whether by design or not, that is not his style this year. He likes to play on the fringes of the paint, giving his man some awfully good looks at the basket from beyond the arc. He has very quick hands and will get you some steals but so far he is not the lock down defender I had expected.
There is going to be a long of competition at the wing next year. I would not be surprised to see CS start at the point to bring some stability to this very important position. This wil allow AP, SW, JRG, SC,BA and TJ to all battle it out at the wings based on the desired skill sets. That should be an interesting battle. MS and KR will battle it out for relief minutes for CS.