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How Kenneth Pomeroy sees PL Semis

LU (14-17, 6-12) 254th and seeded 6th
HC (18-12, 12-6) 150th and seeded 3rd
HC wins 69-60 (82% chance)

Army (14-15, 10-8) 229th and seeded 5th
Bucknell (16-13, 11-7) 148th and seeded 4th
Bucknell wins 73-65 (80% chance)

LC ( 11-19, 7-12) 200th
BU (22-9, 15-3) 119th
BU wins 80-71 (81% chance)

CU (13-17, 7-12) 183rd
AU (17-12, 13-5) 123rd
AU wins 67-60 (77% chance)

HC/LU Series Quick Fact

Overall: Holy Cross leads, 37-17
In Worcester: Holy Cross leads, 24-5
At the Hart Center: Holy Cross leads, 24-5
In the Patriot League Tournament: Holy Cross leads, 5-0
Milan Brown vs. Lehigh: 4-4
Brett Reed vs. Holy Cross: 7-6
Current Win Streak: Holy Cross, two games
In Overtime: Holy Cross leads, 4-1

Lehigh/Holy Cross 2013-14 Season Recaps

Game 19: A 19 point loss @ HC marked by poor team shooting (29.6% overall FG and 23.1% from deep), TK’s limited minutes (17) and point production (2) in his one and only “non-start” of the year, MM’s 1 for 11 shooting with a single assist, and 12 team turnovers highlighted by an uncharacteristic 5 out of Corey Schaefer. In short, it was a game unlike any other this year and one the team needs to learn from and then forget. Apparently, we did back then running off a series of 4 W’s over Navy, Lafayette, Bucknell and league-leading Boston University. It’s now time to do it again.

Game 27: A 5 point loss @ Stabler marked by solid team shooting (44.1% FG and 45.0% 3FG), TK’s 17 points, JC’s board work (7), team’s overall point production in the paint (28) and rebounding effort (36 to HC’s 35). Not enough, however, to overcome HC’s hot 3-point shooting (8 of first 10 attempts) and general point production/distribution (2x figures for each of the five starters).

Keys to Playing Again

While Dudzinski (6’9” senior center and 1st team all-Patriot League) and Burrell (5’9” junior guard) deserve all the attention and praise they get, it’s Malcolm Miller, HC’s 6’7” junior forward (3rd team all-Patriot League) who has been the persistent torn in our side this year going a combined 10 for 19, with 15 boards, and 7 blocks in two games. How we manage to (1) throw out the fact that we are 5 and 24 at the Hart Center, (2) learn from our Game 19 experiences (see above) by writing them off as just one of those days, and (3) limit the effectiveness of #13, Mr. Miller, the team’s second leading scorer/rebounder (10.6ppg / 5.4 rpg) – a job for Jesse, perhaps, who has upped his game of late scoring 35 points and pulling down 19 boards while swatting 4 blocks in the last two games – may well determine if we play again. Those might be the mental and defensive keys to the game. On the offensive side of the ball, let’s (1) imit our turnovers and (2) have Mackey get back to doing what he does best, i.e., dish out assists and realize there are far better scoring options on the team, e.g., TK @ .522 FG% and CS @ .452 FG% with an “adjusted” (accounting for 3-point efficiency) mark of 53.2% (high among guards). Mackey’s 5 for 19 (0 for 6 from deep) shooting performance and turnover spree (8 over the last two games) won’t cut it.

And finally, dream on. With a win over HC and a Colgate win over AU at Bender tomorrow night, Lehigh would host the Raiders of Colgate in a semi-final game at Stabler on Saturday. As unlikely as that may sound, remember Colgate did beat American on AU’s home floor just 3+ weeks ago.