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While it doesn’t look like Logie coming back to Lehigh any time soon, could he be a potential candidate to replace Ken Bone at Washington State? That team has gotten worse and worse since Bone took over. I think he is in Year 5 of a 7 year deal. Once Tony Bennett’s players left, WSU has not been the same. Bennett has done a great job at Virginia, after a slow start (struggled with losing transfers), and has Cavs at top of ACC (regular season champ), 25 wins, and up to #5 in country. Bone’s WSU squad has gone from NIT to CBI to now 9-19 overall and 2-14 in the Pac12. Bone’s win total over last four years has gone 22, 19, 13 and now 9. Not a good trend. He came from a smaller program in Portland St., not D3 by any means, but a smaller lesser known place. Maybe Logie could jump up to a job like that at some point. Or, should Logie jump up to an assistant at a major program, then try to make the step to a D1 head coach.