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In PL play, she clearly was not one of the top six players, although you could definitely make a case for her being on the 2nd team. Looking at PL-only stats – which are the only ones that matter much in the voting – she was 8th in the league in scoring, 5th in rebounding, and only hit 43% from the field. One factor is that the league was much better this year, with a lot of players having very good years. Another factor is that LU finished 8th in the league and lost 13 league games.

One question. How did her PL-only stats from last year compare to her PL-only stats from this year? Iirc, her league-only stats last year were better than her ooc stats. This year her league stats were a bit worse than her ooc stats. One other factor might be that her total rebounding and blocked shots dropped off this year, as compared to last year.