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When a team doesn’t really improve all season, I think coaching staff needs to be taken to task. This team was far from “peaking at the right time”. Reed did wonders last year when he lost CJ for the season, kept them focused, and kept them playing at a high level to the surprise of many. But this year’s team just never improved from early OOC to late PL. The fact that we have so many questions going into next season is a problem. We all would like a few more givens after 30+ games. I have to chalk this up as a wasted season, where we learned so little from so many.

Critical piece for me going forward is this. Who on this team is going to get critical half court buckets in tight games? Who is going to be counted on as a scorer each night (15+ points)? And, if you tell me TK (which I agree is probably your only constant), who is going to step up late in games when the post is double and triple teamed? We desperately need a slasher/scorer from the wing. When a team that wants to play up tempo, puts up 48 points in their most critical game of the year, there are problems.

Kudos to Mackey McKnight for a fine Lehigh career. He will go down as one of the finest PG’s to put on a Lehigh uniform. He frustrated many of us through the years with his play and his benchings for team violations, but he played some great games for Lehigh. Fordham earlier this season he was amazing, and the way he carried us vs. Xavier in the tourney. Great career. Hope he finds a spot overseas.