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Frustrated by this season,all LHN’s fault for getting me hooked on Bball :) , but not pessimistic.
Agree JC is a 3 but not that he lacks athleticism. His awkwardness is IMO due to being uncomfortable in inside situations that he has never had to face before. Doubt he will ever be a back to the basket guy but he’ll be fine at 3 getting occasional bursts of rebs.
Todd has hit on the crucial need for us, a true inside big. We’re not getting 1 for next season. A sing F and 3 Gs.
CS and MS s/b fine and will mesh better with others, I believe.
My issud for both MBB and WBB since start of PL sched has been the lack of improvement. WBB is hampered by the lack of any Gs that can shoot.. The men, I really cant figurs it out.