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I think the term I would use is that JC is/was more of a project than I was expecting. When you look at the ht/wt you think Patriot League “inside presence” (6’8, 225, bigger measurables than Goldy!) but instead you have this unorthodox outside shooter, kind of like Glen Rice at times. He offers a dimension that can be powerful, but he needs more work to at least drive to the basket more.

I think what caused the decline as the season went along was the fact that nobody really stood up and became a consistent post presence alongside TK. The book on Lehigh was clearly to get TK to play out of control and get into foul trouble, and when he did (and it happened a lot) SW and Goldy would have to play together with inconsistent results. More often than not it didn’t work. The best line was TK/Goldy, but too often that wasn’t the combination on the floor.

As great as TK was this season, I felt that he played out of control a lot. That idiotic 5th foul against Navy in Annapolis really sticks out, a spot where people are trying to draw fouls and TK needs to not even be in the same zip code of these people with 4 fouls. It seems like this type of thing that will clean itself up with age, but for this season, that inexperience down the stretch of games really hurt at times. In a season with a lot of close losses, it stands out.

And MM, who carried the mantle “Lehigh PG” well in his four years here, also played out-of-control at times trying to do too much. When he was on, he couldn’t be stopped. When he was trying to sink 3s all by himself or dribble-drive to the outside with 10 seconds left, he would stop himself too often.

I’d say this year’s team was talented – one of the most talented I’ve seen suit up at Lehigh. If next year’s group can learn to play with more control, I’d say, too, that the future looks bright.