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I think JC is a diamond in the rough. He is an athletic specimen and has pic-n-pop potential as a jump shooter. But, there is still an awkwardness to his game which needs to be smoothed out. I’m not 100% happy with his shooting mechanics. One full year of working out with the team – CJ’s team – I would have thought more progress would have been made.

He. Could. Be. A. Beast.

I’m not a huge basketball “wonk” but my sense is there are schematic reasons the team underachieved this year. As much/or more blame needs to be assigned to the coaches as the players for underachieving.

1. Defense. We are so predictable and passive on defense. Even the lightweights of the league were having their way with us.

BR seems to be very risk adverse. I think he was spoiled by the CJ years where the team played just-good-enough and CJ would bail the team out with some individual heroics.

More aggression and pressing and a variety of looks on D please.

2. Rebounding. Schematically, it does not seems we are committed to the glass – especially offensively. To many times I saw a shot go up and five Lehigh players retreating. Defensively, perhaps a zone defense with the three bigs would have gotten the job done.

3. Offense. Last years team – even with CJ out hurt – had a very specific identity and clear sense of What Works. This year’s team just floundered and searched and stalled and threw up desperation shots. The most promising option – obviously – was TK. So, why so few touches down the season stretch? Our most promising 2nd option – CS. But it seemed he was never a “featured” option, just an undersized kid who had to try to find his shots within the flow of the game. Face it, when you are waiting for the likes of AP to swing you the ball – you may wait for a long time!

Our 3 point specialists – AP and SC – are NOT extraordinary shooters. Next!