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One thing about BR, he is not going to be very inventive when it comes to defensive or offensive philosophy. He is pretty much going to be man to man defense, very little zone, no pressing, virtually no trapping either full court or half court in any type of 1-3-1 or other formation. And, you are never going to see any matchup style junk defense like a box and 1 or triangle and 2. On offense, you are pretty much going to get the high screen and roll with the PG and a big, either rolling to hoop or pick and pop shooter. Outside of that, there isn’t much. I guess it is motion principles, but not a lot of stuff run for the players.

I think the cringeworthy “project” label is pretty suited for JC. We all thought JG coming in was a “project”, but he may be more of a finished product than JC. Thankfully, TK is developed enough offensively that he is not a project, although we are all hoping for nice improvement over the next 3 years.