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As I said to Hoops00 in a private message, I would agree with the rankings assigned with few exceptions and those would be either slight + or – move in one direction or another. All in all, a great report. Well done and much appreciated.

So much of what has been said is spot on. But, let me add another observation. That is shock over what I viewed as uninspired and lackluster play – especially on offense – throughout the season but especially over the last 7 games leading to our 1 W / 6 L record down the stretch. This from a team so young and supposedly so athletic?! Our “O” was simply tedious and unimaginative. It was certainly not what I, as a fan, wanted to see but probably just what the opponents planned for, hoped to see, and got from us. Check out the shooting percentages below. The number following the players’ initials represent their season-long and final FG%. The other numbers that follow represent the players’ first 25 game (13 W / 12 L) effort, their next 7 games (1 W / 6 L), and lastly their final 3 games (3 L). In nearly every case, the numbers headed south. Looking at 3-point attempts alone, the percent drop is even more severe as the team hit just 15 of 59 long range attempts in their final 3 games, going just 8 for 41 (.195%) in the final two. Bottom line, I believe the team simply tired and became easy to defend.

CS (.446) .455/.400/.353
MM (.400) .410/.365/.361
AP (.374) .383/.346/.346
SC (.374) .426/.297/.227
MS (.362) .345/.454/.000

JG (.621) .689/.448/.455
TK (.515) .508/.541/.452
JC (.378) .373/.393/.353
SW (.432) .437/.400/.333

Finally, I also wonder what might have been had AD and SC been ready from the start. I guess we might have had a better record and be competing for a title right about now, but sadly left with a team far less prepared than the one we have now ready to face the rigors of play in 2014-15.
Like every poster, I’m disappointed by the way the season came to an end but anxious and upbeat over the future of the team. The addition of Ross, Jenkins, Alston and, of course, Glover to the fold should prove interesting to say the least and the topic of endless conversations on this Board going forward.

Finally, I wish Mackey and Anthony much success in their chosen fields of endeavor both on and off the court and thank them for their dedicated and, far more often than not, stellar play while wearing the Brown and White.