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Somebody may have said it somewhere else, but for me, I was just surprised at how raw JC is/was. I know that he is relatively new to basketball, but since he is old for his grade (turning 21 this month), and had all of last year to practice and focus on skill development – I thought he would be much farther along. I think that is the main reason I was disappointed in his year. I also think he could be effective on the offensive boards if he had an inclination, but he doesn’t seem to. Lastly, his drives to the basket seem out of control about 80% of the time. He take a couple massive strides then picks up his dribble and has no angle or plan and ends up tossing up a prayer. I’d really like to see the staff work with him on taking on more dribble to get into a better spot, as well as using some spin moves and pump fakes instead of getting pushed off his path. Agree that JC still has some really nice tools, and I’m hopeful he can have a better year next year now that he has a year of game experience.

I said it before, but I think a major weakness of the team this year was a wing capable of getting to the tin and finishing. AD would have helped. Can Glover be that guy? Alston? Maybe AP or SW can make major strides in that area. Either way, I think that is an area that needs to be addressed through skill work (and recruiting! maybe more true wings and less 6 footers).

JG can be a beast in the PL if he brings it every night.

Those who said the offense was predictable are spot on. That is Reed’s MO though I believe. He is a recruiter/motivator/teacher and I think those are real strengths, but he is not very innovative on O or D.

Last note, one thing I find frustrating is all the talk preseason (by the team and coaches) about how athletic they were. And then getting dunked on like 8x by Holy Cross. I know Holy Cross is athletic, but we didn’t appear to be in their neighborhood. That’s fine if Lehigh won’t be the most athletic team in the league, but if so, I agree that we need a little more structure to be effective every night.

Really excited to see the freshman and transfers next year. Think we could have some real gems and sleepers in that group.