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I think we all got a little ahead of ourselves on the athleticism front.

If you look at this team, JG and JC are athletes. Capable of running floor, jumping and playing above the rim. MS has quickness and is able to motor up and down the floor. Not an outrageous leaper or finisher, but quick. Outside of those 3, that is about it on the athleticism front.

CS – below average athlete (especially for a guard)
SC – below average athlete (see CS)
AP – average athlete (see CS)
TK – average/below average athlete (no quickness or leaper)
SW – average athlete
DC – average/below average athlete (see CS)
CB – average/below average athlete (see TK)
GP – probably below average athlete
CR – plus athlete but no minutes

So, if you look across the board, this team is not nearly as athletic as we thought. We don’t have one athletic wing who can finish. Hopefully, we pick up some athleticism in the form of JRG and the incoming freshmen. We are at best middle of the pack as far as athleticism goes in the conference. Team like BU is far more athletic than we are.