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I’ll just post here again that while TK was rook of the year, I believe the book on Lehigh was to have TK get into foul trouble, and when he would sit, Lehigh couldn’t get as strong a combination underneath. Without TK/Goldy underneath, MM needed to take on more himself, then he would play more out of control, and then things would fall apart.

Here’s TK’s game log during that 1-6 stretch:

* 5 times out of 7 TK got to 4 PFs. One time fouled out.

* Only went over 30 mpg in last two games. Against Navy only on the court for 15 minutes.

* Got to foul line for more than 3 attempts in only two games.

This seems to indicate strongly that the league had been largely successful in taking TK out of the game thanks to foul trouble.