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To me biggest individual disapointment going into next year from player development and from knowing what ya got standpoint is Lack of minutes for ms this year. He was under utilized as I have previously wrote about and I to am excited about his future. I see KR killing Arkansas playoffs each day and wonder if he pulls a marquise and Mackey as the third straight four year starter at pg? Base that off video, hs success, comments of local Arkansas hoops evaluators some calling him a top player in state, and Kroogs excitement and constant lovefest for KR. I actually am beginning to wonder if that’s not a bad a thing for MS then I originally thought, because I think playing ms off the ball some will free him up to be more aggressive and look to run and penetrate more – I can see him as a combo who can run point but if KR legit imagine the speed you’d have with those two getting up and down – of course we still wouldn’t press or trap but hey a guy can dream??!!