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Couldn’t agree more across the board Hoops. If I had to guess now who will be the starter at the 1 next year, I’d go with KR. And I think you are spot on about MS playing a combo role next year as well. The distribution of minutes in the backcourt next year with CS as a senior will be very interesting to watch.

I’ll add that I think Jenkins is going to play off the ball as well as a defensive specialist/hustle/athlete off the bench.

Lastly, this staff would be CRAZY to not at least bring out more pressure D as a wrinkle. I get the Brett Reed will always have a M2M halfcourt base D, but with the personnel next year you would be crazy to not put some full court pressure in the arsenal.

If JRG, Alston, or an improved AP can bring some wing scoring and penetration/finishing ability, things could get really fun.