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I don’t get why we don’t get out and press and trap and play up tempo, how much Shaka smart havoc could we b next year, I think huge. We also talk about having deep roster and how is br going to get minutes for guys, this is how ya do it….run them out in shifts, you know how demoralizing it is for other team to see four or five guys checking in every three or four minutes. We have deep enough roster where conceivably you have ten guys all average between 15-25 minutes a game.

Kr I think we are all universally high on. What are thoughts on tj? Sbum i like your recap and agree. TJ is a ap type situation for me in that he doesn’t have the gaudy hs numbers but plays in an strong league for a top program and clearly should come in as a well coached and groomed kid. Minutes as discussed above are going to be tough at guard spot next year. I need to see more tj video.

What are thoughts about ba? I really hope he is a slasher as SBum mentions cause we really need that. We were to much of a jump shooting team this year and need wing athletes to create higher percentage shots. Whether him or JRG can do it, we will find out.