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On Jenkins he has a couple clips on his instagram – Two nice passes (one after he makes his defender fall with a crossover) and a steal+dunk. I have high hopes that he can be a good defender and energy guy, as well as maybe a bit of a creator off the bench next year.

Alston is a total wildcard to me as I’ve expressed before. I do take solace in the fact that he was 2015 and reclassed to 2014 in order to enter this coming year. If the staff didn’t want him, and didn’t want him immediately, why push for or allow him to reclass? Presumably because either 1) they think he can help immediately and/or 2) they thought they might lose him if they waited until next season when he could blow up and go to a higher level. Can’t think of any scenario where this situation plays out as it did and the staff wasn’t high on him. There is some newer video on him from February as well and he played well (on a new team) in the Virginia state playoffs that are solid competition.