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1) His jump shot. Not very good.

2) Can he defend bigger wing players? He may be forced to give up 4-5″ inches to guys on the wing. I’m not concerned about quickness there, but I am concerned about him getting posted up and dominated on the block by bigger guards.

3) Rebounding from the 2 spot. We are already a team that cannot rebound. If you put what is essentially 2 PG’s on the floor for extended minutes, you are really forcing your other 3 players to do all of the rebounding. Our bigs aren’t tenacious rebounders and they need all of the help they can get.

4) If those two are at 1 and 2, where are you going to find minutes for two of your players who got major minutes this season, namely CS and AP. If you play KR at 1, with MS at 2, you are then going to have CS and AP, guard 3′s and again weaken your already thin front line.

1) I don’t have concerns about his jumper. His minutes were sporadic at best this year, and he did show what I thought was a really nice pull up. He had solid form and was an excellent scorer in high school. I’m not sold he will ever turn into a pure knock down perimeter shooter, but I don’t think he needs to in order to be effective.

2) American won the Patriot League in 2009 with two sub 5’10 guards. Holy Cross had a solid season this year with two sub 5’10 guards. It’s tough out of conference for sure, but I don’t think this is a major concern in conference. How much bigger is CS (our starting 2 this year) than MS?

3) CS started at the 2 this year and averaged 2.6 boards in 32 mpg. I think MS could easily achieve that number or greater. I agree that rebounding is a major problem on this team, but I don’t think the solution lies at shooting guard.

4) I’m not suggesting MS starts or plays 30 minutes a game. I just think this year, and moving forward, you will see a lot of MS at the 2 and KR at the 1. My guess is CS is a starter next year in some capacity, and I have no idea how the minutes will shake out in the backcourt. It’s just my opinion that MS has a skillset that would work as a combo guard playing some off the ball. I think AP will primarily play the 3 during his career at Lehigh.