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I don’t see it honestly. I’m not sure Reed is interested in leaving first of all. He seems very comfortable where he is. Also, I’m not sold he is a hot commodity for other schools. He has proven to be a solid recruiter at a high academic school, which is definitely a plus on his resume. However, he had a lottery pick in what is typically a low major league which led to much of his success on the court. He only has one signature win (Duke) and I believe the only other BCS victory he has is over a bad Rutgers team in 08-09.

If he wins the league again without CJ, I think that elevates him as a candidate, but I don’t see it right now. Brett Reed is now 43-47 in 3 years without CJ McCollum, and 86-44 with CJ (that includes CJ’s senior year when injured). I think Reed has the program in a pretty good spot, but I think he needs at least one more really nice year if he wants to move on.