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Guys like Marshall and McDermott can afford to be very picky when it comes to jobs. If I were Marshall, I would never leave Wichita State for a DePaul, Texas Tech, etc. Shaka Smart turned down UCLA last offseason as well. I would vote Creighton as a better job than Iowa State too. McDermott is earning $1.4 mill and Creighton was 6th in the country last year in attendance at over 17k. There will always be the lure of the real blue bloods but how many of those are there really?

It is interesting that the PL has not developed many coaches that moved on. Flannery retired after his success, and Willard left to become an assistant to his pal Pitino after his. Billy Taylor moved on without success. Jeff Jones has done a decent job at ODU after NOT leaving at the height of his AU success. I can’t really think of any outright success stories in recent memory.