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All fair points, Bum. I just would like to see a little more length on the court next season. AP is not my idea of a 3. I would like to see JC or SW really step up and solidify that 3 spot. With either of them at 6’7″, and JG at the 4 with good size, and TK at the 5, you would have a nice front line. Hopefully, one that can handle the boards next year. I have conceded that JC is a 2 or a 3. He is no 4. Even with JRG at the 3 at 6’4″, with his leaping ability, that would be OK, assuming he can play. AP, to me, is a prototypical 2. CS, I think, is a better 1 than 2, but he probably projects as starting 2 next season. I can’t see CS getting squeezed for minutes next season, as Coach loves him, and they need his senior leadership.