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Agree on Marshall and McDermott. Nice thing for those two is they are really big fish in tiny ponds, where they are the show. No pro teams to compete with in those spots. Nice money for sure. Only downside is recruiting. Can’t be easy to draw studs to Omaha and Wichita on a consistent basis. Mark Few has done pretty well at Gonzaga, but he plays in such a weak conference that the NCAA appearance is almost guaranteed.

There are not going to be a lot of great jobs available this offseason. Perhaps the bottom feeders in the SEC may look to upgrade, but hard to win in those spots, unless you are Kentucky or Billy Donovan. Football will always be king. DePaul has become a terrible job, and really has been since Old Man Meyer left. The days of Notre Dame/DePaul as the only game on a Saturday afternoon in February with Al McGuire, Dick Enberg and Billy Packer in the booth are long gone. ND and DePaul are fairly irrelevant in college hoops. Texas Tech is also a wasteland as nobody, players or coaches, want to go to Lubbock, it seems.

You would have thought that nobody would ever turn down UCLA. Shocking that Shaka did. There, along with UNC, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and perhaps Syracuse seem to be the real golden trophy jobs.