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Agree ’90. I think CS will get plenty of time next year.

I hear what you are saying on length, and I think JRG will be a slashing 3 who can help on the boards next year. Will be interesting to see what kind of minutes he receives and contributions he makes. I’d like to see SW get minutes at the 3 as well as the 4.

I’m on record as not a fan of the JC, JG, TK frontcourt idea. First, none of those three can handle the ball or pass at all and I think that would really hurt the offense. It is hard to being a run’n’gun team (which I think is what Reed wants) with only two ball handlers on the court. JC is a three in the sense that he refuses to play inside and likes catch and shoot 3’s, but he is not a perimeter player (right now) in his ability to handle the ball, get to the basket, or pass. Second, that leaves almost zero bench depth behind the starters at the 4/5.

As many have said, it’s also depends on the style of play. If we are willing to get out and pressure more, we can go smaller. If we are going to allow teams to walk the ball up and dump it down to their guards posting up our undersized backcourt, that is a problem.

On paper, with the addition of JRG and the potential improvement of SW I do think that it will allow a lot more flexibility with bigger line-ups with one of those two on the perimeter. A ton of questions going into next year as 90 has pointed out, going to be fun (and likely frustrating at times) to watch.