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Hey, this has turned into a surprisingly fun thread! I’m finding it harder than I might have expected to draw the line under the true, Tier 1 Blue Chips jobs. But I definitely agree with SBum that Indiana belongs in that group. After that it gets really hard, for me. Based on the history/legacy stuff, it’s hard to exclude UCLA – but they have certainly slipped. I think you could make the argument that Stanford would be a more attractive job, now.
I also think you could certainly make the argument that Syracuse belongs there; but if so, shouldn’t G-town be there too? Then it gets more complicated – maybe it’s the 2nd grouping. Michigan, Michigan St., UConn, maybe Ohio St. along with the others SBum listed.
I would think that as a mid-major coach it would be pretty tough to turn down any ACC, Big 10, or classic Big East HC jobs. Even the lesser teams in those conferences. I’ve never really followed SEC or Big 12 hoops closely, but I’d imagine there are quite a few jewels there, too. If you were Doc, could you really ignore a Wake Forest or Seton Hall offer? I hope he’s grown attached to LU; if we have another good run, that’s our only hope, I suspect. Shaka is a really shocking exception in my book. I knew he was a hot commodity, but I didn’t know he turned down UCLA. Wow!! Must be more to that story. Too much “roots” on the east coast – family, etc.? Has to be something like that, I think.
I don’t really include the O’Hanlons in the equation. He became a “lifer” before the world changed. I can’t quite put my finger on when that change happened – but I think it did.