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Maybe only slightly O-T but I thought I’d put together a small list of HCs for current Patriot League teams and then moved on to bigger things
1.)Bobby Knight-Army
Interestingly, BK was 11-13 in his final year at Army before moving on to Indiana. 902-371 career.
2.)Mike Krzyzwski-Army
Also of interest, Coach K was 9-17 during his last year at USMA and 38-47 during his 1st 3 years at Duke. 981-304 career.
3.)Rick Pitino-Boston University
Providence, Kentucky & Louisville (690-244 career)
4.)Pete Carril-Lehigh
Pete was 11-12 during his 1 year at Lehigh before finishing with a career record 525-273 (bal at Princeton)
5.)Jim Valvano-Bucknell
Jimmy V was 33-42 at Bucknell before going to Iona then winning a National Championship and 2 Elite 8s at NC State.
6.)Dr. Tom Davis-Lafayette
Parlayed his success at LC to go to BC, Stanford, Iowa and Drake. Career record 598-355
7.)Gary Williams-American
Went from AU to BC, Ohio St, and Maryland. Career record 668-380.
8.)Mike Jarvis-BU
Went to George Washington and St. John’s (110-61). Now at Florida-Atlantic. Career 422-313.

In addition:Roy Chipman (LC) became a successful coach at Pitt, Fran McCaffrey (LU) is now enjoying success at Iowa.
Most notably perhaps Butch Van BredKolff (LC) and Brian Hill (LU) both went on to be Head Coaches in the NBA.
Perhaps the Patriot League is not entirely a bad place to launch a career.