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Wonderful discussion.
Last year we lost most of our scoring and rebounding. This year was filled with a lot of uncertainty. This year we lose 1 player (a very good one) and next year is still filled with a lot of uncertainty. Grrrr :-)
The biggest problems for me are:
1.)I’m not sure where the senior or any other leadership is going to come from next season. I’m hoping CS is the guy but from a distance he doesn’t seem like the fiery type.
2.)The PG spot (floor general) spot will either be manned by a soph with very little experience, a highly regarded frosh or a senior moving back to his old position. For now, that scares me.
3.)JC seems to be a man without a position. I’m tending to disagree with some posters in that I actually think that JC and TK should switch roles at least on defense. JC is the only player both athletic enough and strong enough to man the middle. He just needs to be drilled on how to do it. I attended the Sacred Heart game. Tk got in early foul trouble and JC had to be the guy inside. He played like a beast. 26 points and 15 rebounds. IMHO, he needs to be active to remain focused. It would also help keep TK out of foul trouble and allow him to still post up.
4.)I have no idea what kind of developmental curve either TK or AP are going to be on next year. TK’s skill set is beyond his years. I’m not sure how much his athleticism can be improved (vertical, hands, aggressiveness without committing fouls) AP came to Lehigh with limited skills in some areas which he appears willing to try to improve on. Question is will he get there.
5.)What impact will another large group of newcomers have on the program? There will be a lot of walk-ons with significant resumes on the team. How does Coach view them?

Should be an interesting off-season