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On leadership question I mentioned this last week I think in that it will be interesting to see if we go back to this four man leadership committee or if we name real captains now that mm is gone. If we name captains CS is the no doubt first name chosen and then maybe a sc or a JC as I think he is a guy staff likes and players like.

On lineup discussion while JC has a three mans game right now i dont see him defending PL three man. Him Jg and TK are rotating among two frontcourt spots in most imaginable PL game scenarios. If you want to press and trap and run and go small you can get away with SW at the four in some cases versus some teams with one of the aforementioned bigs at the five. Thats a small lineup for sure. A traditional lineup could feature SW or a ba at the three with two of the aforementioned three bigs at the two front court spots, with any combo of two guards you want. SW has quickness to guard the three and ba from video should be able to guard wings as well. Note SW at the three at 6’7 is a sizable mid major lineup as that would mean you playing 6’7 6’8 and 6’10 on court.