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Nice having you back BTW. I think I understand your point on guard defense. I’m just not sure I agree with it. I tried to focus on rebounding during the 10 or so games I got to this year. Our 6-0 PG was perhaps our best pure rebounders. This doesn’t differ much from the last 4 years either. Mackey averaged about 4/g and many were not the garden variety being in the right spot at the right time kind. He genuinely left his feet and caught the ball at it’s highest point. CJ led the team in his last 3 years in spite being only 6-3.
JC needs to be the man under the boards. The guy who jumps center should not play the #3. He is big, strong and athletic. He has shown moments of attitude. His role needs to be defined IMHO and then he needs to play within that role. This team has 3 point shooters. What we don’t have is the consistently aggressive rebounder. Just my opinion.