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I think most of us agree that two issues this team had offensively were 1) an inability to put the ball on the floor, get to the rim, and finish and 2) poor ball movement. I don’t think moving an interior player to the perimeter will solve either of those issues, and in fact I think it would exacerbate them.

Respectfully disagree. The biggest issue, again, was the inability to rebound the ball, followed closely by the lack of interior passing. If JC showed the slightest hint that he could play with his back to the hoop, I’d hear ya. HG was a natural 3, but showed that he could play with his back to the hoop, if needed. And we we had a good 2012 as a result.
I was so impressed with Wroblicky tonight. Not for his post moves, which are good, but his ability to pass out of it. TK could do that – but he needs somebody to pass to. And I don’t mean threes.