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I agree that rebounding is a major issue. However, I do not believe that playing SW, JC, JG, at 3,4,5,2 etc…. makes a difference. Rebounding is about physicality, effort, and attitude. Until this group of players shows a desire to attack the glass and mix it up physically LU will continue to get pounded on the boards no matter what the line-up.

Offensively, someone to attack the rim other than off a high screen and role and ball movement are the key. Half court was stagnant with little ball movement and lots of standing around. As for LU being a good outside shooting team, not sure I am sold on that other than CS. SC strokes when he has lots of time and space (not my opinion of great shooter). AP lots of attempts with a few games he got hot. JC same as AP. Neither in my opinion great shooters, average at best.