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Respectfully disagree. The biggest issue, again, was the inability to rebound the ball, followed closely by the lack of interior passing. If JC showed the slightest hint that he could play with his back to the hoop, I’d hear ya. HG was a natural 3, but showed that he could play with his back to the hoop, if needed. And we we had a good 2012 as a result.
I was so impressed with Wroblicky tonight. Not for his post moves, which are good, but his ability to pass out of it. TK could do that – but he needs somebody to pass to. And I don’t mean threes.

I agree that rebounding was the biggest issue on the team this year, but I specified biggest issues offensively. I think PA Fan is right too that rebounding comes down to mostly effort/attitude with some sound principles thrown in.

I would add that another issue we had offensively was not getting easy baskets in transition (outside of Mackey’s one man fast breaks). This is another reason I don’t think JG/JG/TK would work. You can’t throw any of those three guys the ball on the break until they are within 8 feet of the cup.

And honestly, I just don’t think JC has shown more on the perimeter than the block. What has he shown on the outside besides a decent 3 pt shot? There is more to being a perimeter player than just shooting 3’s. In his best game of the year (Sacred Heart) he had 2 threes and 9 two’s.

Rather than put him on the perimeter like this year, where he wasn’t especially effective, I think the staff should play to his strengths. I’d like to see him set a larger percentage of ball screens, as I think he is more dangerous rolling to the basket, catching in traffic, and elevating than TK. This would also allow for pick and pop 3’s. He should also be crashing the rim more for offensive rebounds, whether from the block or the 3 point line. Lastly, he should watch clips of all of HG’s alley oops in transition during his career and see what happens when you sprint the floor.