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With positions, I was pretty much referencing their offensive positions. You can mix and match on defense (i.e. have JC guard bigs, AP guard small wings, put CS on slower perimeter guys and MS/KR on the quicker guys).

I was frustrated with Reed’s offensive sets all season, and have been for years. As mentioned with no CJ to bail you out, the ball better move and rotate around the perimeter to get open shots. Particularly with our lack of wing penetrators. None of those guys can put it on the deck. Even with our Big 3, it was dump to low post, or have HG or CJ go 1 on 1 to score. Only given at this point is TK on the low block. I think it would make sense to play another big in the high post, preferably one who can pass a little bit. That could be SW, JG or JC. I would rather have that high/low option than 4 guys out standing on the perimeter. The big coming to the top to set the high pick and roll has not been very effective. Even with Gabe it just created a lot of long jumpers for big guys. I would run more of a 3 out 2 in motion style offense, put my 3 smaller, shooters on the perimeter, with a high/low post. We never have anyone in the high post, even sometimes we don’t attack zone that way. Too much standing around on the perimeter, ball comes your way and you chuck up a 3 or long 2. I would like Chuku options if he caught 12 feet from the basket. He could knock that shot down or penetrate much easier than from the wing. Also, gets him tighter to the basket for some easier looks and potential offensive rebounds.

I think Reed needs to take a long look at his offensive sets and defensive reliance on man-to-man. Needs to play more to his personnel, rather than making them fit his ideals.