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Just to build on this rebounding discussion, while offensive rebounds are great I would settle for being better at defensive rebounding!!! No matter how ya cut it rebounding important as we know. Nba stats to stick with Kroogs nba discussion:

Top 5 nba rebounding differential teams win/loss record: 219-107, 67 win percentage. Bottom 5 nba rebounding teams win/loss record, 142-178, 44 win percentage.

Top scoring teams in nba are pretty good overall at rebounding. Top 5 ppg teams rank 18, 5,4, 1, and 13 in rebounding differential.

Top 5 NCAA teams in poll:
Florida +4.9 rpg
Wiitchita state +7.8
Villanova +3.9
Arizona +8.5
Louisville + 3.0

Rebounding the basketball is important.