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Haha wish i knew tmh. Yah that’s him and pointer. And it’s clearly a statement by Ross, listen we know there two are tight and I am sure kroogs has been trying to get both in the staple and we now know for sure Ross is working it as well, but I was kind of already assuming this to be the case.

So what we know now is LU and Ross want Pointer, kroogs recent trips IMO have been as much or more about Pointer then Ross. There is little video about Pointer but ratings are high and I presume offer list picks up with a good summer. How much it increases I don’t know but it seems we were in on early side for pointer based on Ross work, and I bet we get him on campus for an official no matter how much his list blows up.

I guess time will tell if KR sign was right or not, but obviously if your best friends with someone you talk about these things!!!