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To LUhoops00 and others speculating that Brandon Alston went to Dematha and various schools. Brandon started his high school career at Paul Vi in Fairfax, VA. He remained there for the entirety of the year and went to Middleburg Academy the following year in Middleburg, VA to reclass and be a freshman again. In his first year at Middleburg he was the third leading scorer on a team with Mo Alie-Cox from VCU and the following year he was the team’s leading scorer. Brandon endured three different coaches at Middleburg Academy in two years and finally had to leave when the school closed the high level basketball program. He started what was his reclassed junior year at St. Benedict’s and that is where Lehigh’s assistant coach Kyle Griffin saw him. Due to crazy behavior in the program and sickness in his family, Brandon moved to Life center, while still being a junior, to be closer to his sick grandmother in Philadelphia. Finally, after the death of his grandmother, Brandon decided to commit to Lehigh, go back to his regular grade and become a senior before traveling back home to live with his family. I will be posting a highlight video of Brandon’s senior year at Herndon High School.

Side note: Brandon never attended any other high schools then the ones mentioned here. Meaning, he never went to Dematha in Maryland. That is another kid with the same name.