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QUOTE from pafan11:

Bison, I disagree completely, I do not see Watson getting a number of BCS offers. He is very good player in the PL but don’t see him changing a BCS team. Only a few players in recent PL history change BCS programs aka CJ and Muscala. Would anyone on this blog compare Watson with the likes of Napier? Napier is the type of talent UConn and the likes are looking for. Even a horrible Penn State Team has talent like Gino Thorpe who IMO is much better than Watson.

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You seem to have dramatically altered my statement to set up a straw man to argue against. I said:

“As for Watson, I doubt he makes the NBA but he is a very good PG. Likely had a number of POY votes from the coaches. He will get offers from BCS-conference programs, possibly a lot of them if he takes his time.”

Nowhere did I say he would “change a BCS program”. Nowhere. And nowhere did I compare his talent to McCollum, Muscala, or Napier. Nowhere. If you want to debate the subject – which I am happy to do – please debate based on what I wrote. In any event, I agree with Stabler Bum’s analysis and I stick with my evaluation 100%. He can help many BCS-conference teams – although he many not “change” them. As for Penn State, they were ranked 82nd in the country by Pomeroy and 93rd by Sagarin. Significantly better than any PL team and far from “horrible”.

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