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Quote: “As for PSU you can quote all the statistics you want but they are a horrible BCS program. W-L record over the last 5 years against other BCS programs is proof.”

I agree that PSU over the years has been a horrible program, However in the post I responded to, you only talked about the current PSU program – not what they have been over the previous five years. I repeat, by any objective measure PSU was not “horrible” this past year. Ranking them around 85th-90th in the country, as the various rankings do, is about right in terms of their strength. PSU did have road wins over St. John’s, Ohio State, Indiana, and Northwestern. Plus home wins over Nebraska, Purdue, and Ohio State. Plus wins over a couple A-10 teams. Certainly not a great team – but far from horrible.

As for Watson, Stabler Bum’s post immediately above this one gives some idea about BCS-conference interest. It will be interesting to see where he ends up since he ((or his father) seemingly only wants a school that will virtually guarantee him a starting spot.

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