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I realize that the Bison’s beat PSU this year so we don’t want to label them as horrible but the only quality wins I would give PSU are OSU and St.Johns and maybe Nebraska who was 3-8 on the road in the Big 10. Wins over Purdue, Northwestern, and Indiana are not impressive. The combined record of the 16 teams PSU beat was 229-250. The A10 wins came over 15-16 LaSalle and 13-17 Dukes. So, I guess its a matter of what you consider horrible. I would consider a Big 10 team losing at home to this year’s Bucknell team and going 6-12 in conference as horrible but I guess we can say “not a great team.”

All comments about PSU are based on them being a BCS team. Of course they are not horrible when you compare to mid-majors.